Dallas/Fort Worth 3-Day Honors our Opening Ceremony Speakers

We began our 2016 Dallas/Fort Worth Komen 3-Day with an inspiring and beautiful Opening Ceremony as the sun rose above the Collin Creek Mall. Walkers, crew members and supporters joined their hearts and hopes in the shared promise of bringing about the end of breast cancer, one footstep at a time.

As part of the Ceremony, we were honored to welcome some special 3-Day participants to the stage, where they shared their own inspirations—both heart-warming and heartbreaking—for being part of the 3-Day. Hear their compelling and touching reasons for being a part of our 2016 walk. #WeAreThe3Day

Janet Muldrew – My Sister
Breast cancer has stricken three of my five sisters. In 2006, we started walking in the 3-Day and raising money for Susan G.  Komen, to help find a cure and put an end to breast cancer. I’m Janet and I AM the 3-Day.


Alicia Morrison – My Children
I’ve seen way too many friends, family members, and loved ones bravely face breast cancer. I walk for my children. I walk today with hope that they never have to fight that battle. I’m Alicia and I AM the 3-Day.


Patti Rieder – My Mom
I walk for my mom who was a 7-year breast cancer survivor, only to be taken from us by ALS. Her strength, support, generosity and love is why I have become the woman I am today. I love you, Mom, and will continue to be a 3-Day walker to honor you. I’m Patti and I AM the 3-Day.


 David Loder – My Wife
I walk for my wife who is an 18-year survivor. Thanks to each of you here today, there will be many more survivors in the future. I’m David and I AM the 3-Day.


Susan Hennessy – My Family
I walk for my sister-in-law, Colleen. I walk because the day a family member receives a cancer diagnosis, your whole world changes. You immediately think of the years you may lose with them and of the heavy burdens they now must bear. I dream of a future in which no mother, father, sister, brother, or other loved one has to battle cancer. We’re all here today, united in the fight against cancer. We support the fighters, admire the survivors, honor the angels, and never EVER give up hope. I’m Sue and I AM the 3-Day.


 Emily Edgar – My Friend
My best friend from childhood began walking the 3-Day with me in 2012. Only 7 months later, she was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer, one that had no cure just 20 years ago. But today, she is cancer-free and so thankful for Susan G. Komen, because money from these events funded the research that saved her life. I also walk for my boss, who was diagnosed at 36. After a double mastectomy, hysterectomy, chemo, and radiation, she was declared cancer-free. But last year at 42, the cancer was back, stage 4. She is currently receiving experimental treatment and her tumor markers are down. I walk for my friends. I’m Emily and I AM the 3-Day.


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