A Mother/Daughter Weekend – 3-Day Style

Joellyn W. experienced her first 3-Day as a walker in 2009, after she’d already worked for the 3-Day coaching staff for 5 years. It was a meaningful experience for her, in many ways.

Me and Dr. W

Joellyn and her mom share their 3-Day journey

“I was diagnosed with breast cancer a year earlier, had surgery, completed my treatment and was ready to do something to celebrate my surviving and thriving, so I decided to walk in the 3-Day. My mom also registered for the 3-Day Medical Crew, and we experienced our first 3-Day journey together. It was the best of the best.”

“I set my fundraising goal high and spent months walking training miles, throwing fundraisers and nagging family and friends on my quest for donations. There was nothing I wouldn’t do! No one I wouldn’t ask for a donation!”

“I thought I had trained (enough) and I had reached my fundraising goal of $5,001. What I didn’t expect was how wonderful and hard the 3-Day would actually be. I had been so focused on preparing I almost wasn’t ready for the experience itself!”

“The 3-Day was emotional, wonderful, and pretty overwhelming. The thing that kept me going through the miles and through the emotional waves was the knowledge that my mom would be there at the next pit stop, just over the next hill. I didn’t need her with me, but I needed to know she was there for me – for a hug, sometimes a band-aid, and usually two pain relievers! It would refuel me for the miles ahead. The band-aids helped my blisters and the hug and love re-charged my soul.”

Me and Dr. W 2_2

“As in life, I struck out on my own, prepared to conquer the 3-Day’s many challenges. But I always knew my mom was there for me when I needed her. Just over the next hill. I did make her sleep in her own tent though. I love my mom, but she snores like a freight train!”


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