Finding Motivation in Inspiration

As the daughter of a 13-year breast cancer survivor, cancer has hit very close to home for Molly Fast. She has dedicated herself to the cause, both as a 3-Day participant and as Associate Director of the 3-Day’s National Sales and Service team, where she and her team are committed to providing 3-Day participants with above and beyond customer service. 

I asked Molly what keeps her walking, even when her body tells her to quit:

Molly was all smiles as she set out on her first 3-Day in San Francisco. It took more than smiles to keep her going.

Molly was all smiles as she set out on her first 3-Day in San Francisco. It took more than smiles to keep her going.

All long-distance walkers know what it feels like when they “hit a wall”. During my very first 3-Day, I was silently praying for a sweep van to come and whisk me away. It was after lunch. I was heading up a hill. The six blisters I had – three on each foot – were putting a huge damper on my spirits. Each step was agonizing. I looked at my sister, hoping for a little sympathy for my ‘walking wounded’ heroics. As tears streamed down her face, I followed her pointed finger and saw a young woman walking. My eyes landed on her t-shirt, which said ‘I’ll see you in heaven, Mom,’ along with the beautiful photo of a woman our mother’s exact age. Suddenly my blisters didn’t hurt. My feet weren’t tired. All the aches faded away. And in its place was a fire inside of me to fight.”

Sometimes hearing others’ stories on the 3-Day can help ease the pain. “Other people’s mothers have lost the fight, and mine is still alive. I realized I had so much to be grateful for. I have too many people to walk for, and this fight is just as important now as it was when my mom was diagnosed in 1999.”

Molly_Mom Completes Treatment

Molly kept walking through pain and fatigue by remembering her mom’s courage during treatment for breast cancer.

“My mom is my motivation for being involved in the 3-Day. She is a 14-year breast cancer survivor- Go Mom! I joined the 3-Day community because of her diagnosis. It was the inspiration and motivation I needed to find a way to contribute to the fight against breast cancer. I can honestly say that it changed my life!”

What keeps you walking when your body doesn’t want to anymore? Let us know in the comments below.