Revamp Your Training: Four Fun Ways to Keep Your 3-Day Preparation Lively and Fresh 

Spring has finally sprung, and that can only mean one thing: 3-Day training walk season is in full swing! As the atmosphere shakes off its winter coat and the flowers come into full bloom, your training, while still demanding, is transitioning into a (hopefully) lush and verdant ritual. However, while the days march onward, and your go-to routes lose a bit of their luster, there’s a small chance that monotony is setting in. Well, stop right there! This post is dedicated to four small, but effective methods to reimagine your approach to training and have some fun along the journey. 

  1. Spielbergin’ It 

Close your eyes and picture this scene: it’s a Monday and it’s time to get your first mile in. You tie your shoes, fill up your water bottle, grab your keys, and head out the door. Imagine yourself summiting those concrete mountains and traipsing through the quiet valleys. You cross through crowded city streets or speed through quiet country intersections. Your gaze is steady, footsteps even, and determination apparent. Now, imagine sharing this footage with those in your circle. An email blast to coworkers who’ve made contributions to your fundraising goal with the video attached. A Facebook post, with all of the potential likes and sharing opportunities, displayed for your pals, and maybe your pals’ pals, near and far on the internet. You shoot a quick text to your family group message, showcasing just where you are on your expedition. It’s one thing to tell previous and potential donors about your training, but it’s another to give them a front row seat. Whether you record over the course of one day, or make a montage across the entire month, harnessing video as a tool can be a powerful visualizer in allowing people to see a boots on the ground perspective. Every step is a story, so allowing people to read a few pages from your book could be a fantastic gesture. 

  1. The Buddy System 

Walking solo can be an amazing solitary activity. However, there’s much to be gained in finding a buddy or two to train with. If you’re used to lacing up on your own, why not find a walking companion for a change of pace? Perhaps you’re part of a nearby team that could coordinate to meet and train together. Is there a pet you’ve been meaning to take a trot with? Or, as a means of incorporating a fundraising incentive, repurpose your preparation as a tool to engage with donors. (Something along the lines of, “For this week only, make a donation of $X or more for the chance to spend a mile on route with me!”) Whether you walk as a member of a pair, a trio, or a whole crew, take advantage of the community waiting to surround you.  

  1. 3-Day Your Way 

If you’re like many other walkers, odds are, prepping for the 3-Day has made you a bit more appreciative and aware of where you live. Maybe training has landed you in a park that you’d never visited before, or perhaps you’ve rediscovered an oceanfront view that you’d forgotten. Hiking trails, beautiful neighborhoods, whatever it may be, it’s likely that you, in your own way, have found approaches to make training in your hometown both challenging and engaging. So, if you were given the reins, how would you map out a 3-Day in your city? Do you walk through that one museum’s public art installation? Make treks that take you seaside, passing through the harbor? How about exploring your favorite district with all the cute bookstores and coffee shops? Whatever the route, plan to your heart’s content and get moving! Try to balance major highlights with spots that other natives from your neck of the woods might overlook. Keep in mind that although there may be some locals attending your walk, there will be plenty of people migrating from out of town, so try to see things from their perspective and proceed accordingly. (Make sure to dazzle them!) Need inspiration? Read our What Goes into Planning Those 60 Miles blog post!  

  1. Links to the Past 

The 3-Day Blog has a number of great posts under our training tag. From thematic suggestions and season-specific tips, to music playlist recommendations and advice for new walkers, a whole host of invaluable topics are covered through this online resource. Take a deep dive and explore previous blog entries that might help offer some breaths of inspiration. The information could be brand new to you, or a perfectly timed reminder, but in either case, never forget that you have a diverse toolkit just waiting for you to utilize. Between the blog, your coach, and your fellow walkers, you are not alone! You can always reach out to gain insight on how others are adding some color to their weekly training walks as well.  

As communal as the 3-Day is, it’s also an intensely personal undertaking. That said, there’s no “right” or “wrong” way to engage with the Pink Bubble ― and that includes how you train. If you’re a straight shooter who thrives on walking with nothing more than the wind on your face, and the sun at your back, then you do you! If you need something like a costume or consistently changing environments to add a bit of spice, then that’s okay too. Keep pushing yourself, stay focused, and find the motivators that best suit your needs. Whatever you settle on, we’ll be with you every step of the process.