Power Up Your Fundraising Efforts with the New Free 3-Day Fundraise App

You know that little rectangular device that you have in your hand all the time? That thing that you check like 30 times per day? Well, we’re excited to announce that now we’re bringing you the power of fundraising on the go, with our new, free 3-Day Fundraise App!

Available for both iOS and Android devices, the free 3-Day fundraising app allows you to log in with your 3-Day username and password, and then send personalized emails, text messages, tweets, and Facebook updates. With this app you can ask for donations, track fundraising, recruit team members and send thank you messages to your donors. This app will let you utilize all of those handy features while you’re on the go, keeping your fundraising top of mind.

Download the App Today:


*If you are not on your mobile device, go to your app store and search 3-Day Fundraise.

Good luck with your fundraising, and don’t forget to contact your coach at 800-996-3DAY if you need any advice, support or just want to share your success. We also have many great fundraising topics here and in our Pinterest Creative Fundraising board. Happy Fundraising!