2022 San Diego 3-Day Route Preview

Just like that, we’re already nearing our last 3-Day event of our 2022 series! As always, walkers, crew, youth corps and volunteers will enjoy the beautiful sights and scenes that San Diego has to offer. Don’t forget to take pictures while you’re out on the route and tag our social media platforms, as well as use the hashtags #SD3Day and #The3Day for a chance to be featured!  

Day 1 of the San Diego 3-Day will start with an inspiring Opening Ceremony at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. Once released onto the route, walkers will make their way through the beautiful city of Del Mar, which has always provided great community support. Departing Del Mar, we’ll travel towards Torrey Pines and up the hill before heading to lunch in La Jolla. 

After lunch, walkers will venture further into the quaint but elegant La Jolla Village and then Bird Rock, which is home to some cute mosaic benches! The last neighborhood of the day will be Pacific Beach, which walkers will get a small glimpse of before walking around Sail Bay into camp at Crown Point Park. 

On Day 2, the route will start at camp, and from there walkers will get a tour of the beautiful beach towns San Diego has to offer. Starting off the day, we’ll walk across the Mission Bay bridges, where walkers will get a real feel for San Diego’s eclectic beach neighborhoods as they explore both Ocean Beach and Sunset Cliffs before turning around and heading back to go to lunch. 

After lunch, walkers will venture back towards Mission Bay to further explore Mission Beach and Pacific Beach before heading back towards Sail Bay to walk into camp.  

Day 3 starts again at camp, and from there walkers will walk along the Mission Beach Boardwalk towards Belmont Park. Then, they’ll make their way inland, passing SeaWorld and heading towards Old Town, where the infamous Juan Street Hill is.  

Winding down our 60 miles together, we’ll pass through Balboa Park and Hillcrest towards Downtown San Diego where our Finish Line Festival and Closing Ceremony will be at Waterfront Park! 

We’re so excited to see you all in San Diego for our last 3-Day of 2022! Images used in this blog post are from the 2021 San Diego 3-Day. 

2022 Dallas/Fort Worth 3-Day Crew Impact Award Winner

Join us in congratulating our 2022 Dallas/Fort Worth 3-Day Crew Impact Award winner, Paullin J.! Paullin has participated in 19 Susan G. Komen 3-Day events over 17 years and has raised over $35,000 in her lifetime.  

What was your inspiration to do your first 3-Day? 

I have two older sisters who have had breast cancer, and I’ve lost a few friends to it, as well. I attended a 3-Day Closing Ceremony in 2004 in which my oldest sister had walked and I got hooked! It was a very emotional ceremony that brought to light how important this fight to find the cures is. 

What has brought you back to the 3-Day year after year?   

I have made really wonderful friends who have returned to crew with us year after year. Some are from other states, so I always look forward to seeing them each year. The events are such fun and so meaningful. Participating in the 3-Day is the one good thing that I do for myself each year. 

What is your favorite aspect of crewing the 3-Day? 

My favorite part is seeing my “3-Day family” who are such caring compassionate people who find this effort as important as I do. We work hard, but play just as hard as well. It’s a very meaningful experience ― hard to explain to others who have not shared it. It’s three days of truly being in a kind and caring world. 

What is your best advice to anyone crewing the 3-Day? 

Come prepared to work and play hard, and to experience all the emotions that you will have. It’s very rewarding. 

What’s a fun fact about you? 

I was known in my family as the “little red caboose” ― youngest of four girls. 

What are the most important lessons you’ve learned on the 3-Day? 

I have learned how important it is to find better treatment alternatives, and hopefully the cures, for breast cancer. It’s imperative that we continue to support this effort and to raise awareness and money to make this happen. 

One of Paullin’s teammates provided this brief testimonial as to why she deserves the Crew Impact Award: 

“Paullin is such a great teammate. She’s always there to pitch in and get the job done. Paullin and her sister Lucy welcomed my daughters and I to the Pit Stop 1 team in Atlanta years ago and we have been friends ever since. As a walker it was always a joy to see her at the pit stop cheering us on to the next Komen mile. As a teammate she is always such a great support to all of us.” —Steve S. 

Thank you, Paullin, for your incredible dedication to our Crew, and to the Susan G. Komen 3-Day! Stay tuned to our blog for the last 2022 Crew Impact Award Winner, coming up in San Diego. You can check out our other Crew Impact Award Winners here. 

2022 Dallas/Fort Worth 3-Day Recap

The Susan G. Komen 3-Day returned to Dallas/Fort Worth this past weekend. With a total of 725 walkers, 225 crew members and $2.2 million raised, it was a weekend to remember!  

Day 1 

The lobby of the Hyatt Regency in downtown Dallas, Texas was filled with excitement in the early hours of Friday, November 4 as walkers and crew waited for the ballroom doors to open. Once the clock struck 6:30 a.m., the venue for Opening Ceremony opened and the magic of the Pink Bubble began. Tables filled with lanyards, pins and bibs to write who you walk for were available for participants to gather and share why they commit to the 3-Day, including. the Promise Flag, which participants write on in dedication to those we have lost to breast cancer.  

As the Opening Ceremony started, we stretched in preparation for walking 20 miles on Day 1, we heard inspiring and heart-felt stories that reminded us of the importance of this cause, and recognized our survivors and those living with breast cancer. Promptly at 8 a.m., the route opened and walkers were released in groups onto the streets of Dallas to start their 3-Day journey.  

Our first stop of the day was at Turtle Creek Park, where walkers were welcomed to pit stop 1, “Boxing Out Cancer.” This pit stop not only offered fuel for our walkers, but also beautiful views of the downtown Dallas skyline. With three miles down, walkers then continued on the route. 

Pit Stop 2 was at Craddock Park, and the entrance was lined with the first cheering station of the day. The amount of support, clapping and words of encouragement was amazing! Walkers stopped to take pictures and grabbed snacks and hydration before continuing on.

As much as we crossed our fingers and hoped for the weather to cooperate, rain started to come down late in the morning. Walkers arrived at lunch at Highland Park Presbyterian Church and were handed a bag lunch before boarding busses to head back to the Hyatt Regency so they could end their day safely. 

Although our route was cut in half, we made up for it by having so much fun at camp! The Youth Corps cheered and had a dance party to welcome in our walkers for the day, and once camp opened at 1 p.m., soft pretzels were served in the dining area. Walkers also took this opportunity to take pictures in front of the Day 1 photo-op. 

We proceeded with our Friday night programming, playing our favorite minute-to-win-it games like junk in the trunk, cup stack and cookie face. We also heard some very talented voices among our participants during karaoke before calling it a night and getting some rest to welcome beautiful weather on Day 2! 

Day 2 

Day 2 kicked off with our Bank of America Breakfast of Champions, celebrating and thanking all of our top fundraisers, from individuals to teams, for their incredible efforts! After breakfast, walkers were eager to catch the bus to travel to Fort Worth for the day’s route. As a sea of pink headed west, we were welcomed into Fort Worth with a sky clear of clouds and full of sun! It was a welcome change from the previous day.  

After cruising through pit stop 1 at Haynes Memorial Triangle, walkers were surprised and delighted to be transported to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory at pit stop 2! Willy Wonka and his cast of characters, including Charlie Bucket, Violet Beauregarde, Veruca Salt, Grandpa Joe and of course the Oompa Loompas, all posed for pictures and cheered walkers on as they made their way to lunch. 

Walkers then crossed under the halfway arch at W.C. Striplings Middle School where they basked in the sun and performed the beloved halfway dance to “Walking on Sunshine!” 

After lunch, the sun continued to shine, birds chirped and cheers were heard as walkers made their way through pit stop 3 before walking through beautiful Trinity Park. Here, walkers passed through our Memorial Mile where we honor those who have lost their battle with breast cancer. It was an emotional and beautiful reminder of why we walk.  

At the end of the day, tired, but happy, walkers loaded buses back to the hotel where the famous 3-Day mac and cheese was plentiful and 3-Day Main Street was ready for business. We began our Honor Ceremony with stories from our Dallas/Fort Worth Youth Corps. The room was quiet as each member shared their connection to breast cancer and why they commit to the 3-Day. We then heard from three Dallas/Fort Worth walkers who also graciously shared their stories with us and how the 3-Day has impacted themselves and their loved ones.   

Day 3 

Excitement was in the air as walkers ate breakfast and fueled up for their final day exploring Dallas. Walkers lined up behind Melissa W. and her husband, John, who won the Dallas/Fort Worth Ultimate 3-Day Experience challenge, which rewarded them with a first-out-on-the route pass when it opened at 7 a.m. 

It was another beautiful, sunny day as walkers explored the streets of downtown Dallas, traveling on and off the Santa Fe Trail with beautiful views. 

The photo-ops continued as walkers reached pit stop 2, which had these amazing decorated bras strung between the trees.  

As walkers departed, they adventured towards lunch at Tokalon Park, right next to White Rock Lake. Tokalon Park boasted a beautiful grassy hillside for walkers to sit down, relax and enjoy their final lunch of their 3-Day journey. 

Leaving lunch, walkers ventured into the Swiss Avenue neighborhood before reaching Dallas’ Main Street Garden Park. Look at that skyline! 

The Finish Line Festival did not disappoint, as walkers were cheered on and welcomed by the University of Texas at Arlington cheerleaders, a group of cowboys and our wonderful crew. 

The Jordan Kahn orchestra played live music to celebrate the amazing accomplishments of our walkers and crew, and the horn section even came out into the crowd, dancing to the cupid shuffle and conga line with our walkers. This was such a treat ― everybody loved it! 

Our last walker crossed the finish line around 3:30 p.m. and raised the flag to begin our Closing Ceremony. 

We raised our shoes to salute our survivors as they made their way to the front of the stage, and raised our commit flags as we promised to not give up until we find the cures to breast cancer. 

Thank you to the cities of Dallas and Fort Worth and thank you to our Dallas/Fort Worth 3-Day walkers, crew and volunteers. We had an amazing and memorable weekend, and hope we’ll see you again in 2023. Registration is now open at The3Day.org.