Three Easy Fundraising Ideas

With less than six months until the first 2022 Susan G. Komen 3-Day®, time is flying by to reach your fundraising goals. Here are three easy fundraising ideas to either help get you started or push you past your goal! 

  1. Ask Everyone 

Though it may seem obvious, asking everyone is the key. Donors give simply because they were asked. Start with friends and family! Tell everyone your story, why you’re participating in the 3-Day and what this cause means to you. When people understand why something is important to you, it may become important to them, too, and a donation is an easy way for them to make a difference. They want to support you. Once you’ve asked everyone you know, try asking those you don’t know as well. If you’re going on a training walk, wear pink and try to spark conversation with people along your route. Tell them what you’re training for and the impact that Susan G. Komen® is making. Then ask for a donation! It may seem uncomfortable, but the worst anyone can say is “no.” 

  1. Facebook Fundraiser 

Creating a Facebook Fundraiser is one of the quickest and easiest ways to bring in donations. So many 3-Day participants have met and exceeded their fundraising goal just by creating and sharing their Facebook Fundraiser! By creating one, you can reach all your friends on Facebook without having to necessarily reach out to them all individually. And then they can share your fundraiser with their friends, to expand your circle of potential donors. Take the time to personalize your Facebook Fundraiser with a message about why you’re walking, what this cause means to you, and the importance of these lifesaving funds. Put that message above the Facebook Fundraiser when you post and share it, so it adds a personal touch. If you have created a fundraiser and have noticed the donations slowing down, don’t be afraid to reshare it multiple times! People may have forgotten about it, and when they see it pop up on their timeline again, it will remind them to donate. You may even get a second donation from someone who donated to you before! 

  1. Create a QR Code 

QR codes are a great way to provide easy access to your personal fundraising page. Create your own personalized QR code and link it to your personal page! This way, when someone scans your QR code, they’re directed straight to your page and can make a donation. This makes it very easy to gather donations no matter where you are! You can also create another QR code that links to your Facebook Fundraiser. Create a business card and put your QR code on it with any other information you’d like to add and make a bunch of copies. This way, when you’re out on training walks or out in public, you can hand out these cards to people you may not have been able to reach via email, letter or social media! 

You can get a QR code that links directly to your personal page at And you can create other QR codes that can link to anything ― your Facebook fundraiser or any other URL ― at a free site like

Fundraising can be intimidating or overwhelming, but there are a lot of tools to help. Try one of the ideas above or reach out to your 3-Day coach at any time for more support.