5 Qualities of 3-Day Friendship

As a 3-Day coach in Washington, D.C., Shawn Supers has met hundreds of 3-Day participants each year who tell her they are looking to meet new people. Some have just relocated, others are recently separated or divorced. Many hope that participating in a cause-related fundraising event like the 3-Day will help them meet good-hearted, like-minded people.

Day 3

Friendly 3-Day smiles at the 2013 Michigan 3-Day.

Well, according to the State of Friendship Report, they have come to the right place! Women and men both look for these top five qualities in a friendship: loyalty, decency, dependable in a crisis, likes me and is fun to be with. And those five qualities describe nearly every participant that I’ve met while working on the Susan G. Komen 3-Day.

  • Loyalty Whether loyal to a family member or friend who is struggling with the disease, or to the breast cancer cause, 3-Day participants are committed.
  • Decency What could be more decent than committing to walking 60 miles and fundraising to save the lives of others?
  • Dependability “We will never give up” is the 3-Day motto. We haven’t and we won’t.
  • Fun Where else can you see grown men in tutus on motorcycles to “save second base?”
  • Like What’s not to like about someone who will throw their heart (and soles) into the goal of eradicating breast cancer and have fun doing it?
Susan G. Komen walkers gear up and take on Day 2 to find a cure for breast cancer.

Sharing the 2013 Chicago 3-Day

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