A Love Letter to the San Francisco Bay Area 3-Day

We talked to four different women – each veterans of the San Francisco Bay Area 3-Day – who shared their experience on this year’s event. Their special memories turned into a love letter to the 3-Day, and the Bay Area community that has supported this event for the past 12 years.

How many San Francisco 3-Days have you been on?

Nanette: “Two. 2012 as Youth Corps leader and 2013 as staff.”

Heather: “I have served on the San Francisco 3-Day Crew since 2004. I worked Camp Services, Pit Stop 4 and this year I worked Youth Corps.”

Betsy: “I have been on staff in San Francisco 4 times.”

Melissa: “All of them! One walking, one as crew and 9 as staff.”

What moments had the biggest impact on you over the weekend?

Nanette: “The Opening Ceremony had the biggest impact on me, as it had a different meaning now that [3-Day walker and coach] Bridget Spence is gone. It’s tough taking photographs with tears in your eyes.”

Betsy: “The Opening Ceremony was very emotional. So many Bridget memories were triggered. The energy was explosive. The participants were so engaged, it was magical.”

Heather: “This year, even though it was a small event, the energy was high, the walkers meant business, and the [Youth Corps] kids raised a bunch of money.”

Melissa: “Watching the 28 year-old young survivor, Jessica Olsen speak on Saturday night at the camp show, and our 81 year old 3-Day walker, George, who busted a move during the dance party!”

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3 Beautiful Days at the San Francisco Bay Area Susan G. Komen 3-Day

And we’re off! The first 3-Day walkers of the season are proudly wearing their victory t-shirts, and considering any blisters their badges of courage after completing the Susan G. Komen San Francisco 3-Day on June 21 – 23.

The hours before their event are such an exciting time for our 3-Day walkers and crew, and the words of one of our extraordinary multiple-event walkers, Jim Hillman, sum up the feelings of our inspiring 3-Day community. Thank you, Jim for sharing!

  • “With the lights low, the clock approaching 9:00 pm, it’s time to consider a little shuteye, as 0345 will come a little too quickly for me. My thoughts turn to all that has happened over the last several months, including the months of training, the fundraising and Getting Started meetings. I also have to acknowledge the recent news that seven 3-Day walks would be cancelled in 2014 and the announcement of a new CEO. There are so many things to consider as I, along with many others, approach the 2013 3-Day event season. As these thoughts whirled around, they began to focus on why we take on these challenges, why we continue to walk, to crew, to cheer people on and to overcome the obstacles that we do. We …walk because we are passionate about supporting a community, focused on one goal…to find a cure for breast cancer and to help those affected by this disease in any way we can.” Continue reading

Welcome to The 3-Day Blog

Welcome to the 3-Day’s first foray into blogging! This is a place to share the inspiring and extraordinary stories of the 3-Day community. It’s a place to highlight the exceptional people who claim the title 3-Day walker or crew. It’s a place to call out some of the best wisdom, tips, and just-plain-great messages that we (the 3-Day coaching team) hear from you.

If you’re new to the 3-Day, we hope these pages give you a glimpse into the awesome community and event that you’ll be part of this year – and maybe a few nuggets of advice too. If you’re one of the tens-of-thousands of loyalists who join us year after year, we hope these pages keep you feeling connected to all the incredible people who are 3-Day proud.

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