Welcome to The 3-Day Blog

Welcome to the 3-Day’s first foray into blogging! This is a place to share the inspiring and extraordinary stories of the 3-Day community. It’s a place to highlight the exceptional people who claim the title 3-Day walker or crew. It’s a place to call out some of the best wisdom, tips, and just-plain-great messages that we (the 3-Day coaching team) hear from you.

If you’re new to the 3-Day, we hope these pages give you a glimpse into the awesome community and event that you’ll be part of this year – and maybe a few nuggets of advice too. If you’re one of the tens-of-thousands of loyalists who join us year after year, we hope these pages keep you feeling connected to all the incredible people who are 3-Day proud.

Look for posts that highlight the amazing people who take up the challenge to walk and to crew, and who share tips and tricks beyond what we can highlight on the 3-Day website. Subscribe so you don’t miss a post and email us at blog@the3Day.org if you’d like us to feature you and your teams.

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