A Love Letter to the San Francisco Bay Area 3-Day

We talked to four different women – each veterans of the San Francisco Bay Area 3-Day – who shared their experience on this year’s event. Their special memories turned into a love letter to the 3-Day, and the Bay Area community that has supported this event for the past 12 years.

How many San Francisco 3-Days have you been on?

Nanette: “Two. 2012 as Youth Corps leader and 2013 as staff.”

Heather: “I have served on the San Francisco 3-Day Crew since 2004. I worked Camp Services, Pit Stop 4 and this year I worked Youth Corps.”

Betsy: “I have been on staff in San Francisco 4 times.”

Melissa: “All of them! One walking, one as crew and 9 as staff.”

What moments had the biggest impact on you over the weekend?

Nanette: “The Opening Ceremony had the biggest impact on me, as it had a different meaning now that [3-Day walker and coach] Bridget Spence is gone. It’s tough taking photographs with tears in your eyes.”

Betsy: “The Opening Ceremony was very emotional. So many Bridget memories were triggered. The energy was explosive. The participants were so engaged, it was magical.”

Heather: “This year, even though it was a small event, the energy was high, the walkers meant business, and the [Youth Corps] kids raised a bunch of money.”

Melissa: “Watching the 28 year-old young survivor, Jessica Olsen speak on Saturday night at the camp show, and our 81 year old 3-Day walker, George, who busted a move during the dance party!”

What was a favorite t-shirt, sign, or team name you saw?

Nanette: “My favorite T-Shirt was ‘Keep Calm and Eat a Grammwich.’ The back said ‘Only 3 more Komen miles until your next one!’”

Betsy: “Our staff shirt design was my favorite. It had a B on the sleeve with a pink ribbon in memory of our Bridget.”

Melissa: “Keep Calm & Walk On”

What has made the San Francisco event special over the years?

Nanette: “A lot of my San Diego 3-Day family comes up to San Francisco to participate as well. It’s a time to gather and have fun in another city. My time here has been spent with the Youth Corps, and seeing them grow has been especially nice.”

Heather: “The staff and the walkers are always top notch. Plus, you can’t beat the Golden Gate Bridge!”

Betsy: “The many returning participants who have become family.”

Melissa: “The people!”

What would you like to say to the San Francisco walker and crew community?

Nanette: “Thank you for your dedication over the years. Just because the 3-Day is leaving San Francisco, it does not mean that we are gone. Our bond is strong and we are connected beyond mere geography. We hope to see you in other cities, as we’d welcome you with open arms!”

Heather: “You truly did us proud this last event, no matter what challenges were thrown at you, no matter how windy or cold, you made it work and raised over a million dollars!”

Betsy: “Your spirit, commitment, and never-give-up attitude move me and give me hope.”

Melissa: “Thank you – for your spirit, your generosity and your kindness.”

Describe the 2013 San Francisco 3-Day in 3 words

Nanette: “AH-MAZ-ING”

Heather: “We have heart!”

Betsy: “Moving, magical & bittersweet”

Melissa: “Small but Powerful!”

What are your special memories of the 2013 San Francisco Bay Area 3-Day? Please share them in the Comment section below.