Congratulations to the 2017 Atlanta 3-Day Local Impact Award Winner


For the 2017 Susan G. Komen 3-Day® season, we’re honored to be featuring the Local Impact Award. This award is being given to participants who have been instrumental in strengthening the 3-Day® community throughout the year. Local Impact Award honorees have gone above and beyond in their efforts leading training walks, attending 3-Day community events. They have also supported the 3-Day staff year-round at meet-ups and workshops, and in general, been making a difference by building lasting relationships and showing commitment to the 3-Day in all they do.


Please join us in congratulating the 2017 Atlanta 3-Day Local Impact Award Winner, Char Wells.

Her teammate Chris Alexander is so proud of Char, and has experienced her support and 3-Day spirit first hand.

“When I was diagnosed, she and I talked, and her encouragement and advice was so helpful.  She is such a special lady and I love her drive.  Her determination is contiguous and her smile lights up the group!”

Knowing how much she cares for, and has given to, the whole 3-Day family, we had to hear from Char herself! When we asked her these questions, she didn’t know she would soon be selected as our winner!


What was your inspiration to do your first 3-Day?

I had always done the “Relay for Life” but felt I could do more. Then one day I heard an ad on the radio for the 3-Day and I thought…I can do that! In December 2007 I signed up for the 2008 Walk. I walked/trained every day at lunch, and weekends but not really having a reason that I was doing this. Then in August 2008, it happened – I had breast cancer.

What has brought you back to the 3-Day year after year?

I’m so blessed to be a survivor and the atmosphere of the 3-Day is such a joy, and so heartwarming and emotional. I have said several times “maybe this year or that year will be my last one,” but then there I am walking again! I have walked with a sprained ankle; been pushed in a wheelchair for 60 miles due to a broken foot; I have walked with herniated discs in my back (just prior to surgery). We 3-Day walkers are a special kind of crazy!!

Char Pole Dancing on the 3-Day with Richard

What is the secret to your 3-Day fundraising success?

Ask! Ask everyone you know. Post on Facebook, send emails, send letters, anyway and every way you have a connection to. Getting a no doesn’t hurt, you get a no just move on to the next one.

What is your best advice to anyone walking the 3-Day?

Train and if you can, include hills. More importantly have FUN, enjoy the celebration of everyone around you. There will be tears, but that’s ok – tears become hugs, love and laughter.


What’s a fun fact about you?

I’m a special kind of crazy!

I’ve never met a stranger and I so enjoy talking to people and getting to know them.

I love spending time with my family and friends.

When I have down time I like to play games, read or quilt.

What are the most important lessons you’ve learned on the 3-Day?

You are NOT ALONE.

Share your love, give hugs!

It’s OK to sweep (take it from someone who walked with herniated discs in her back and

ended up putting her head on a wall, bursting into tears because she was so dang

determine to complete the walk) IT’S OK TO SWEEP.


The Susan G. Komen Seattle 3-Day Honors Our Opening Ceremony Speakers


We began our 2017 Susan G. Komen Seattle 3-Day with an inspiring Opening Ceremony as the sun started to rise on a perfect fall day on the West Coast. Our Opening Ceremonies this year are led by participants, with special recognition given to our breast cancer survivors and those living with metastatic breast cancer.

Crew members, walkers, and supporters joined their hearts and hopes in the shared promise of bringing about the end of breast cancer, one footstep and mile at a time. Take some time to get to know our Opening Ceremony speakers.


Troy Richards – My Wife

I walk for Misty, my wife, and the mother of our two boys. She is the rock and foundation of our family. Her attitude and perseverance should be an inspiration to anyone affected by such an invasive disease. I also walk for women and men still battling to stay healthy and safe. I’m Troy and I am More Than Pink.


Cathy Parsell – My Friend  

I’m walking to honor my friend, Carole, a fierce warrior in the animal rescue community. She used that same warrior attitude when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She boldly showed breast cancer that she was More than Pink and won the battle. We love you, Carole! I’m Cathy and I am More Than Pink.


Veronica Claudio – My Mother

I am walking in memory of my sweet momma, Claudia Claudio, who is truly the definition of an angel. She taught me to LOVE life and find the joy in every day, to always turn the radio up when Rick Springfield is playing, and what true courage and strength look like. She will forever be remembered for her signature dimples, her bright light, and the legacy that she left that still lives on today. I’m Veronica and I am More Than Pink.


Holly Raissipour – My Children
It is continually my honor to walk the 3-Day as a survivor all the way from Boston. I am humbled and amazed at the continued generosity, support and love of people. This year is my 8th year and 11th walk, and all three of my daughters, my husband and all my friends support and cheer me on from afar to help find a world where no one will ever hear again the words: “You have breast cancer.” I’m Holly and I am More Than Pink.


Heather Jellerson – My Sister

I am walking for my sister, Kimberly Valerine Holmes. Kim lost her fight, but worked so hard to laugh her way through it. I’m participating today because her strength inspires me to walk so that others may have a better chance to win their fight with breast cancer. I’m Heather and I am More Than Pink.


Lauren Leiker – My Aunt

In 2005, I walked my first 3-Day for my Aunt Barb. Today, I walk again for my aunt, a two-time survivor, and for all who have fought and are still fighting breast cancer. I’m Lauren and I am More Than Pink.


Dena McLauchlin – Ceremony Host

I walk for an amazing friend who lost her courageous battle six years ago. I made a promise to her that day that I would do everything I could to keep fighting to end breast cancer. Since Jean passed, I have had four friends lose their courageous fight―two in just the last three months. So as I begin my 14th walk here in Seattle, I will dedicate these 60 miles to all my friends who were sent home too early, to my two aunts who also fought this fight but earned their wings, to all my friends who are currently fighting, and to all my friends who will fight. I’m Dena, I am More Than Pink… and I’m honored to welcome you to the 2017 Seattle 3-Day!


Congratulations to the 2017 Philadelphia 3-Day Milestone Award Winner

Please join us in congratulating our 2017 Philadelphia Milestone Award Winner; Leedrester Jackson. The Susan G. Komen 3-Day® Milestone Award is given at each event to a walker or crew member who has an outstanding history of participation in the Komen 3-Day. At the Philadelphia 3-Day camp show, we presented Leedrester with this special honor.


This is her 12th year walking the 3-Day, and she is a 30-year breast cancer survivor, having beaten breast cancer three times. She has also raised nearly $5,500 this year alone!

She is well-known in Philadelphia, and we wanted to hear about the 3-Day and Leedrester’s story in her own words. When we asked these questions, she didn’t know she would soon be selected as our winner!

What was your inspiration to do your first 3-Day?

As a breast cancer survivor, I wanted to be a part of helping people detect cancer early enough to beat it, and finally find a cure.  In 2005, The 3-Day came to Philadelphia and the 68 – year old lady “lost her senses” and volunteered to walk 60 miles in three days and if that wasn’t enough, to camp out for two nights.


What has brought you back to the 3-Day year after year?

I walk because… as a three-time breast cancer survivor, I continue to enjoy good health and so I walk for those who can’t.

What is the secret to your 3-Day fundraising success?

I send letters to family, friends and church family (Grace Baptist Church of Germantown – Rev. Dr. James H. Buck, Jr., Pastor) many of whom have been prayerfully and financially supportive of me on my eleven years 3-Day journey.  My supporters are committed to helping find a cure for breast cancer.  They do the donating and I do the walking.

After the walk, I show them how much I appreciate them by sending   thank you letters in which I share the weekend events with pictures.


Leedrester got a standing ovation from her fellow Philly 3-Dayers

What is your best advice to anyone walking the 3-Day?

Practice, practice, practice on the hills because Philly is very hilly and keep your feet lubricated.

What’s a fun fact about you?

2017 Weekend Destination Birthday Celebration celebrated with 74 women. The Lord blessed me to celebrate 80 years young and I am a three-time breast cancer survivor: 30 years, 15 years, and 7 years. This was truly a fun fact weekend.

What are the most important lessons you’ve learned on the 3-Day?

I have learned that you need to stay hydrated, stay alert, keep stretching and take good care of your feet.

On behalf of all of us walking, crewing, and supporting the Susan G. Komen 3-Day, thank you Leedrester.