2013 Photographer’s Picks

“What’s your favorite photograph?” People ask this from time to time, wanting some insight into what the photographer likes. My response usually resembles that of a father being asked which of his children are his favorite. It’s hard to pick just one. While the Susan G. Komen 3-Day® Series is an extremely bright and pink event, some of my personal selects may not be the ones that participants would select themselves. I’ve enjoyed some of the quiet moments, usually when participants don’t realize they’ve been photographed. I’ve enjoyed the finish lines, where a thousand stories are passing by you, unknown to most spectators. I’ve enjoyed trying to capture some of that deep emotion in a glance or a smile. Unposed.

National Geographic photographer Steve McCurry used the term “unguarded moments” when he described some his portraits, and I believe that encapsulates some of the authenticity that the photojournalist is always looking for, a rawness in the moment. The Komen 3-Day does offer that, behind all of the elaborate pink costumes, the masks, the sunglasses. It offers many the opportunity to defeat their preconceived notions about their physical ability, and more importantly about their mental capability. I hope that some of these images do justice to those people. Enjoy.

Addams-072513-BostonAfternoon-123 Addams-072513-BostonDay1-316 Addams-072513-BostonDay1-330 Addams-072513-BostonEvening-65 Addams-072513-BostonEvening-117 Addams-130810-ChiSatAfter-84 Addams-130818-MichSunMorn-201 Addams-130818-MichSunMorn-212 Addams-130818-MichSunMorn-228 Addams-130825-TwinSunNoon-84 Addams-130825-TwinSunNoon-131 Addams-130921-SeaSatMorn-441 Addams-130921-SeaSatMorn-473 Addams-131011-DCFriAfter-122 Addams-131011-DCFriAfter-242 Addams-131018-ATLFriAfter-940 Addams-131018-ATLFriAfter-1282 Addams-131018-ATLFriMorn-1089 Addams-131018-ATLFriMorn-1095 Addams-131101-FriAfter-201

Addams-130811-ChiSunNoon-207 Addams-130817-MichSatMorn-216-Edit Addams-130922-SeaSunAfter-155-Edit-Edit Addams-131027-TampaSunClose-366-Edit