Congratulations to the 2022 Chicago 3-Day Crew Impact Award Winner

Over the last 18 years, Kit L. has participated in 40 3-Day events! With over $78,000 raised towards the fight against breast cancer, we honor Kit as the 2022 Chicago 3-Day Crew Impact Award winner. Fun fact about Kit, she has traveled to 100 countries and has visited all seven continents!  

We asked one of her friends and fellow 3-Day participants to provide a brief testimonial to her greatness! 

“Kit puts the ‘fun’ in fundraising. She is a fun-loving world traveler who has a wicked sense of humor. I first met Kit in 2010 during a freak, driving rainstorm in San Diego. Kit was in charge of the pink info tent and it became ground zero for operation ‘Dry Housing.’ Her ability to calm, nurture and relocate walkers to local accommodations was seamless. She was an unstoppable force in calling hotels and cab companies. Without her efforts supporting the staff and the rest of the crew, that walk would have turned out much differently. She taught this newbie Sr. Crew Captain that no task is impossible. The only way to eat an elephant is to eat one bite at a time.  

In addition to her yearly gig as the San Diego Sr. Volunteer Captain, she has worked as a Sr. Route Captain, Sweep Captain and Pit Captain in multiple cities. She volunteers in honor of her close friend, Linda, who lost her battle to breast cancer. She has committed to continuing this fight until there is a cure. Kit embodies the spirit of William Butler Yeats; ‘There are no strangers here, just friends we haven’t met.’ Or in her case, BREAST FRIENDS. I am proud of all of Kit’s contributions, both in time and money to our 3-Day community. But I am prouder to call her my friend.” ― Rainy R. 

“I have only known Kit for two months but in that short time she has stepped up to be a great support and friend to me. She has helped introduce me to the crew, the key players and the procedures that work. She checks in on me and makes me feel supported and loved. I have truly enjoyed our short time working together and I look forward to a lot more events with her!” ― Crew and Volunteer Coordinator, Kristin B. 

We’re so thankful for all our wonderful Crew! Without the Crew’s hard work, the 3-Day would not be possible. Stay tuned throughout the rest of the 2022 Susan G. Komen 3-Day series to see who else wins the Crew Impact Award!