Why These Fundraising Tech Tips Can Help You Reach Your Goal Faster Than You Could in 2003

The 3-Day community is nothing short of incredible. Since the 3-Day began in 2003, more than 500,000 participants have raised over 863 million dollars to help end breast cancer. Over the years, we’ve introduced new fundraising tips and tools that would WOW our 2003 selves.

When we first started the 3-Day back in 2003, cell phones looked like this. Everyone became friends with Tom when the first social media platform—Myspace—launched. We “shook it like a polaroid picture” as we listened to the #1 Billboard song, “Hey Ya!” by OutKast. And we cheered as Dory remembered P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way Sydney during one of our favorite movie releases of the year, Finding Nemo.

Fast forward to 2021. Now you can leverage social media to hit your fundraising goal, send out donation requests via text messages on your smart phone, and even deposit checks straight into the mobile app without having to rely on the mail. Don’t miss these fundraising tech tips that can help you reach your goal faster than you could in 2003. Plus, we threw in a few tips at the end that are truly timeless.

The Susan G. Komen 3-Day App

In the 3-Day mobile app, you can track your activity badges and send out pre-written or custom donation messages on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, email, WhatsApp, and text. You can even schedule messages in advance on LinkedIn and Twitter so you don’t forget! One of our favorite tech additions since 2003 is the mobile check-deposit feature…which allows you to scan a check directly in the app to apply to your fundraising totals. You can also update your personal fundraising page with a special message for your supporters right there in the app.

Facebook Fundraising

When you’re logged into your participant center, you will receive reminders to connect your event fundraising to a Facebook Fundraiser. This allows your friends—or friends of friends of friends—to make donations towards your fundraising goal. In fact, when participant Amy S. walked in her first 3-Day, she set up a Facebook Fundraiser the day she registered. The very next day, she had $1,524 in her fundraising account.

Social Media Sharing

We have social media graphics and sample posts here and here to help in your fundraising efforts across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more, and we even have sharable infographics to show your donors and potential teammates the incredible work Komen does with the funds raised at the 3-Day. Pro tip: these versions are made especially for social media sharing.

Matching Gifts, Matching Gifts, Matching Gifts!

While the concept of employers matching gifts is not new, the process is significantly easier than it was back in 2003. Donors (or you, for your donors!) can look up employers here to see if they offer a match. If you need help, check out this helpful page.

QR Codes

Have you seen those square bar codes on print outs, tv, or on signs? That’s called a QR code! You can create your own QR code linking straight to your fundraising page! If you print the QR code on a sign hung in a local coffee shop or on your fundraising materials, people just have to open up the camera on their phone, hold it over the QR code, and ta-da…your fundraising page opens up automatically on their phone!

Timeless Tips

While lots has changed since we started back in 2003, many things have not. Here are some proven, time-tested things to remember.

  • Just like we did back in 2003, we have people here to help you along the way! While we can’t gather in person, here are recorded meetings and workshops to help learn tricks and tools.
  • We can’t express how important thank you cards, texts, handwritten notes, and emails for donating or other follow up after the event, including photos or a recap of your 60-miles, are for your donors. Here is a link to a tribute card and other follow up ideas to help express your thanks.
  • Looking for some classic reading material? This fundraising handbook is FULL of helpful ideas, as is this vintage blog post.
  • These downloadable business cards are perfect inserts to include in correspondence cards, at COVID-19-era fundraising takeout dinners, in donation-based craft or bake sales, or on the counter at your local retail store.
  • Fundraising rewards have changed throughout the years, but our immense gratitude for the incredible fundraising efforts of our 3-Day participants is unchanged.

3-Day veterans, what’s YOUR favorite fundraising tech tool or tip? If you need support, we’re here to help! Email us in your Coach’s Corner in your Participant Center. And just like Dory told us back in 2003, always remember: “When life gets you down, you know what you gotta do? Just keep swimming.”