Fundraising Challenge Winner Charmaine Graham

As part of the 2021 Chicago 3-Day Virtual Kick-Off, we held a fundraising challenge during the week leading up to the Kick-Off, September 7-11. The 3-Dayer who raised the most money during the challenge period won an amazing 3-Day branded prize – a Birdie Box with headphones, a water bottle and a Bluetooth speaker. The winner was Charmaine Graham, who raised $3,730 in just those five days!

We wanted to know how she did it and pass her advice and experience on to other 3-Day participants. So we asked her a few questions.

What techniques did you use to raise $3,730 in just five days?
I sent personal text messages to my loved ones asking to support me as a 6-year survivor to help end breast cancer. I was shocked that I raised $2,400 in one day!

What are your top three fundraising tips for other 3-Day participants?
1: Send personal messages to your friends and loved ones.
2: Make use of social media.
3: Have a garage sale/bake sale!

What is your history with the 3-Day?
I walked in Seattle twice and in San Diego one time. My first walk was in Seattle where I live and found my new pink family for life. My experience has only been positive surrounded by people who have the same passion for finding a cure.

Why do you walk?
I walk because I want to find a cure for breast cancer and I love my Pink Bubble family, making new friends and hearing about their stories and their journeys!

In October, I will celebrate six years as a breast cancer survivor! I am blessed with good health and want the same for everyone diagnosed with breast cancer.

Thank you for sharing your fundraising tactics with us, Charmaine! Just like the winner of the New England 3-Day Kick-Off fundraising challenge, Christine, Charmaine found that the secret of fundraising success comes down to the basics – you just need to ask. Don’t decide for other people that their answer will be no before you ever ask the question. Ask everyone – far and wide – and give them the opportunity to say “yes.” Both Charmaine and Christine are a great example for us all!