Our Hearts Are Overflowing from Random Acts of Kindness Day

3-Day family, you are truly incredible. Last week, we challenged you to make the world kinder, happier, and more hopeful on Random Acts of Kindness Day.

Your ability to change the world never ceases to amaze us. Here is what you did.

It’s cold and we have an increase in the homeless community here, so I donated a tent in the hopes of keeping someone warmer.

Paid it forward at my local New York City bodega Wednesday afternoon. I got to the cash register just before three local construction workers placed their lunch orders. Surprise! Lunch was my treat.

Delivered several boxes of Girl Scout cookies to my neighborhood post office. They worked tirelessly during 2020 and the holidays. Some pandemic days, they were the only people I spoke with in-person. I am grateful to them always!

Paid for the person’s coffee who was behind me in the Dunkin drive-through line. 

Took an older woman uptown to have her car repaired.

Sent a small coffee gift card anonymously to someone who is managing a lot right now and told them to keep doing an amazing job.

Sent a care package and cards after I heard from another member of the 3-Day family about her friend’s current chemo treatments. She’s in a rough stretch, but I can send some sunshine.

Brought in my neighbor’s trash can from the road. She gets in so late from work, and I wanted her to not have to deal with that at the end of her day.

This morning, I brought cups of hot coffee to the workers fixing the intersection near me. It was very cold, and they are keeping us safe with smiles on their faces.

Helped a senior citizen fill out documents for social security/unemployment.

Today, we moved out of a vacation rental that we only got to stay in for one night due to the ice & snowstorms. I never had a chance to cook the great food I bought since the power went out our first night. Today, the cleaning lady showed up with her elderly mom and two young children, just as we were packing to leave so we left the food for them. The hundreds of dollars’ worth of groceries was such a blessing to her! She was very grateful. Then, I had a new pair of men’s warm house shoes that I offered to one of the bellmen at our fourth hotel room in five days! He was also thrilled! These two families were very different but both were touched by our random acts of kindness!

Took my neighbor’s pup for a walkabout!

Made a donation to my sister’s 3-Day account, as I want her to know I forever want to walk side by side with her in the pink bubble.

I smiled and said good morning to a friend/coworker who was causing division through her actions even though I don’t agree with her. With today being the first day of lent, I wish for renewal for us all!

Checked in with a friend via text-to say thank you for a gift card and found out today was her transplant day (lymphoma). No accident there. Just another opportunity to pray for a loved one!

Got to tell someone what a great job they had done as she was taking out my stitches from some skin cancer I had removed from my face.

Bought a 12oz coffee, paid with a $20 and then told the barista to take $5 for a tip and to use the rest to buy a coffee for someone in need.

I bought donuts for all the managers from all over our district who came to help with our inventory today.

I purchased coffee for the sheriff in line behind me at the coffee shop.

To our 3-Day family—thank you for always finding ways to make the world a better place. We know this community celebrates Random Acts of Kindness Day every day and are so grateful for the beautiful example you set.

All we can say is…thank you. ❤️