Happy Holidays!

’Twas the holiday season 

And all through the land, 

The 2022 3-Day series was over 

And we sure lent a helping hand. 

Thousands of miles were walked 

Between training and the events, 

And the inflow of memories 

Was soon to commence. 

From New England to Chicago, 

Dallas/Fort Worth to San Diego, 

We found there’s no place we won’t go 

If it means saving more lives. 

From the suburbs to the cities, 

The east coast to the west, 

We made 2022 

One of the best. 

$2.7 million in New England, 

$3.7 in Chicago. 

$2.2 in Dallas/Fort Worth, 

And $5.3 in San Diego. 

Money raised and lives saved, 

It sure does mean a lot. 

For the force that is the Pink Bubble 

Cannot be stopped. 

We walk and crew with care, 

And we’ll never give up. 

Because breast cancer doesn’t stop 

And neither will we, 

We’ll keep fighting until it’s over 

Right into 2023.  

Happy Holidays, Pink Bubble. We can’t wait to be reunited in the new year!