2022 New England 3-Day Top Fundraisers

The 2022 Susan G. Komen New England 3-Day boasted 800 walkers and 175 crew, all of whom contributed to the $2.7 million we raised in the fight against breast cancer. Our top fundraisers were recognized Saturday morning of the event at our Bank of America Breakfast of Champions. Bank of America celebrates our fundraising champions with a collective $25,000 donation to jump start participants on their 2023 fundraising! Join us in congratulating these top fundraisers for their incredible achievements.

Our first top fundraiser is being acknowledged for multiple accomplishments! Corey H. is our Rookie of the Year as well as our Top Individual Fundraiser, raising over $23,000 for his first ever 3-Day. 

Let’s hear from Corey in his own words about his reason for committing to the 3-Day and fundraising for Susan G. Komen: 

“I commit in honor of my wife, Sarah. Sarah was a talented photographer, an animal lover, star athlete, and a fierce competitor. More importantly, she was a patient, fun, and loving mother to our two young daughters. And she was my best friend, partner for 17 years, and wife for 12 years. She was the one who always made sure we had a vegetable at every meal, that we consistently got exercise as a family, and she managed the calendar of most social and family events that filled up our weekends. She was healthy and fit at 39 years old. Last year, we were skiing in March and she had just convinced me to buy season ski passes for the next year as our girls were finally reaching the point that we could all ski as a family for a full day. Two months later, she was in a wheelchair ― diagnosed with stage 4 Triple Negative Breast cancer that had spread to her bones throughout her body. There was no known history of cancer anywhere in her family, so this diagnosis came as a complete shock to all of us. Her treatment options were limited because her blood counts were so low, but she fought hard and recovered enough that we were able to make many great memories as a family last fall. She passed away on January 3rd of this year at the age of 39, just seven months after her diagnosis. A few weeks before she passed away, Sarah underwent genetic testing and learned she had a rare mutation of the CDH1 gene, which significantly increased her chances of developing breast cancer. That mutation also means that each of our daughters now have  roughly a 50:50 chance of developing breast cancer as well. So, while I’m walking in Sarah’s honor and memory, I’m also walking for my daughters. I’m walking to help find a cure for this disease before they have a chance of developing it and so it doesn’t take anybody else’s mom, wife, daughter or sister the way it did to us.  

Our Top Fundraising Team is Sarah’s Army, captained by our Rookie of the Year and Top Individual Fundraiser, Corey H.! Together their 14 team members raised over $48,000 in their first year as a team. 

A fun fact about Sarah’s Army: Team members came from four states to participate in the 2022 New England 3-Day, and they have an “extended team” that’s participating in the San Diego 3-Day and people competing in the Chicago Marathon to help find the cures for breast cancer. 

Our Top Crew Fundraiser is Kristin S., who raised nearly $6,000 for the 2022 New England 3-Day and has raised almost $46,000 in her lifetime! Kristin has participated in 14 3-Day events and received a $300 donation from Bank of America towards her 2023 3-Day fundraising. 

A fun fact about Kristin: She has walked 9 years, all in Twin Cities, and this is her fifth year crewing (twice in San Diego, once in Seattle, with this being the second in Boston), plus she volunteered one year! All of her crewing has been at Pit Stop 4, where she has a pink megaphone that she likes to use to cheer everyone on . 

Our Small but Mighty Team is Walkers for Knockers! The 2022 New England 3-Day was their first, and in total they raised just over $40,000.  

A fun fact about Team Walkers for Knockers: They are all fitness freaks with hearts bigger than the states they’re from! 

Our Top Youth Corps Fundraisers are Grace and Dylan R., each raising $1,658! They’ve each participated in three 3-Days, with Grace raising $4,841 in her lifetime and Dylan raising $7,453 in his lifetime.  

Fun facts about Grace and Dylan: Grace loves to read and will be starting in a communications magnet this fall. She is an amazing friend, a volunteer camp counselor and swim instructor. Dylan loves skiing, baseball, and swimming. He loves to help younger kids, he serves as a swim instructor and swim team group leader and really cares for the kids. In turn they adore him and love to cheer him on too. 

Thank you so much to all walkers and crew who raised $2.7 million to find the cures for breast cancer at the 2022 New England 3-Day!