The Most Creative Ways 3-Dayers Honor Who They Walk For

As we walk 60 miles in honor of our loved ones who have been affected by breast cancer, 3-Dayers pull out all the stops to decorate those pink outfits! One of the ways we accessorize is by bringing mementos to celebrate those we walk for. Over the years, we have seen some extremely creative ways that people honor their reasons for walking. 

Photos: Bring a photo of your loved one to the 3-Day. One idea that we love is to take pictures with the photo you brought on pit stops, at the ceremonies, and with fellow walkers you meet along the way to bring along a piece of them if they aren’t walking with you. 

Pins: We 3-Dayers certainly love our pins! Make a pin with your loved one’s photo or name to bring with you on your 3-Day walk. 

Ribbons: Write each person’s name on a ribbon and pin it on you. You can ask those who donated to you to send you names to walk in memory of or bring a bag full of blank ribbons for fellow walkers to write their family and friend’s names on. If you want to get really creative, try creating a hat or bra full of ribbons with names on them! 

Clothing: Wear a pink shirt, bandana, or hat and bring a sharpie for fellow 3-Dayers to write who they walk in honor of, too. You can also print a photo of them on a t-shirt so everyone can see who you are walking for! 

Flags and Capes: Honor who you are walking for by writing their names on a pink flag or cape and let it fly! Everyone behind you will see each of the names with each step you take. 

Jewelry: Hold who you walk for close to your heart with a necklace. You can also bring a bracelet, ring, or earrings with your loved one’s name on it to wear throughout the 3-Day. 

Keychains: Make a keychain to put on your lanyard or backpack with names and objects that remind you of who you walk for. We have seen everything from stuffed animals to beaded handmade keychains. 

Lanyards: Let your personality shine by decorating your 3-Day lanyard. Use those photos, stickers, pins, keychains, and ribbons to spice up that ID badge. 

Participating in the 3-Day is a monumentally special experience. Bringing something sentimental that reminds you of your loved one along for the journey makes it that much more special. Let us know how you honor those you walk for during the 3-Day in the comments!