An important message about the 2021 3-Day Series

Your commitment to show up for the 3-Day community and to support Susan G. Komen shows your dedication to the fight to save lives from breast cancer. YOU ARE AWESOME and we thank you.

Due to the state of the COVID-19 pandemic and the continued risk to our community, we are making a change to this year’s Susan G. Komen 3-Day Series. Registered 3-Day Walkers and Crew have a message in their inbox with all of the details.

We’ll have two 3-Day experiences this year for you to participate in. The San Diego 3-Day is scheduled to happen, as planned, in-person on November 19-21, 2021. We also have a new option this year—3-Day Nation, which will bring the 3-Day to you, at home, in your communities. We won’t be hosting our indoor, hotel-based events in New England, Chicago, and Dallas/Fort Worth. Instead, registrants for these events will be given the option to transfer to the San Diego 3-Day or 3-Day Nation. 

We’re in the process of updating the website with more information about these changes. You can find more details at and in your Participant Center.