Congratulations to the 2017 Twin Cities 3-Day Local Impact Award Winner, Sue Norling

For the 2017 Susan G. Komen 3-Day® season, we’re honored to be featuring the Local Impact Award. This award is being given to participants who have been instrumental in strengthening the 3-Day® community throughout the year. Local Impact Award honorees have gone above and beyond in their efforts leading training walks, attending 3-Day community events. They have also supported the 3-Day staff year-round at meet-ups and workshops, and in general, been making a difference by building lasting relationships and showing commitment to the 3-Day in all they do.

Please join us in congratulating the 2017 Twin Cities 3-Day Local Impact Award Winner, Sue Norling.

Sue has walked in 9 3-Days and crewed in 6 other 3-Day events, all the while fundraising a total of $24,324.53! All those that know her love and support Susan, but her sister Jennifer Groschen says Sue is especially deserving of this honor because she “lives and breathes [the 3-Day] on a second by second basis.” Jennifer, who is also a 3-Day walker, didn’t stop there when praising her sister! “Sunshine or rain, Sue will never complain. Susan has walked and volunteered in over 15 events! This is incredible! It’s HER life!  Her positive attitude and funny personality are what makes her so much fun to be around! She is quick witted, cracks jokes that invite others to chime into the conversations, makes friends everywhere she goes, and is always giving back. She has one of the most outgoing personalities, so that even when you want to give up – she will cheer you on to keep going! She will make you laugh when you want to cry. She will pick you up when you’re feeling down or if need a lift someplace she’ll be there (surprisingly not in a pink car – yet…)


Through blisters and tears, fundraising is no fear. Before most people’s blisters, tired/sore feet and aching muscles have even had a chance to think about healing or recovery, Sue has ALREADY signed up for and is fundraising for the next event. I believe several times she’s been signed up to volunteer at one (Twin Cities) and walk another (San Diego) in the same year. “Whether she is assisting in keeping a sugar boost going amongst up her co-workers by selling candy bars at her desk, selling “boobie pins” for awareness, talking to potential 3-Day walkers or hosting a training walk, Sue is constantly in “Fundraising Participant mode.” She is often spotted walking in our community with her pink (of course) stripped Zubas – FULL 3-Day gear on (as if already walking the 3-Day) parading down the streets! Sue is a glorious, inspirational sight to see and completely enthusiastic about it while waving to people as they pass – all the while raising awareness!”

After all that praise, we had to hear from Sue herself! When we asked her these questions, she didn’t know she would soon be selected as our winner!

What was your inspiration to do your first 3-Day?

 My Mom, Eunice. She is now a 10-year warrior! She is even helping as a day volunteer on Saturday. 78 and still out there and active!

What is the secret to your 3-Day fundraising success?

Commit to walking early, and ask everyone. I have people that I know I can count on every year. I make sure to send an email right away and follow up with a hand written “snail mail” delivered thank you, and a hand written follow up after the season is over. And I let them know that I am walking again and where, for the following year so they have been “warned.”

What is your best advice to anyone walking the 3-Day?

Train, hydrate, and enjoy the event. Talk to a random walker! BAM, NEW FRIEND.

What’s a fun fact about you?

My kids don’t think I am funny, but trust me I am. 🙂


What are the most important lessons you’ve learned on the 3-Day?

Enjoy your “pink bubble” while on event. You will make friends from everywhere. You may only see them at the 3-Day on event, but the bond you make will last a lifetime.

On behalf of all of us walking, crewing, and supporting the Susan G. Komen 3-Day, thank you Sue. We can’t wait to see all your pink 3-Day spirit on future events!

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