Feb. 4 is World Cancer Day, but the 3-Day Gives us Hope

Cancer. It’s a word that conjures the worst kind of fear; a heartless disease that devastates families around the globe. The word alone is no doubt powerful as it is, but it develops an increased gravity when it affects your family, your friends, and your life.

But, there is hope. Currently, there are more than 3 million breast cancer survivors in the United States. Together we have accomplished amazing things in the fight to end breast cancer.

Cancer changes lives, but so does hope. And thanks to you, today, we have a lot of it.

With all of the hard work you do to end breast cancer, how could we possibly ask you to do more? The answer is simple: because we have to. We cannot give up until this fight is won. We firmly believe that when we make progress and advancements in treating and curing one form of cancer, we can apply those learnings to another, until we can proudly live in a world free from all cancer.

In 2016, Susan G. Komen® announced a Bold Goal—to reduce the current number of breast cancer deaths by 50% in the U.S. by 2026. That’s why we walk, and raise money—to make that goal a reality. Please ask your family and friends to join you today on the 3-Day. They can take $20 off their registration fee through February 15, and walk by your side knowing that they’re doing something that’s making a real difference in the fight.

The 3-Day is a commitment. It’s a challenge. It’s a real, measurable impact on the fight to end breast cancer forever. Be Bold. Be Fearless. Be More Than Pink™.