The Pink Tank Project – Cassie’s Journey

During National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I had my annual exam for the disease that affects one in eight women in her lifetime. Yesterday, I opened the follow-up letter from the radiologist that exclaimed, “We found no sign of breast cancer.” I consider myself fortunate, yet I will not let down my guard against this beast.

Twin Cities 3-Day walker and breast cancer survivor, Army Sgt. Cassie Mecuk is a hero, not only for her service to her country, but to her family and friends who have supported her since her first breast cancer diagnosis at the age of 24. Cassie, who is fighting breast cancer for the third time since 2009, is a member of Cassie’s Cups, a Twin Cities 3-Day team. She was recently featured in “The Pink Tank Project,” the Minnesota National Guard’s initiative to raise breast cancer awareness among Minnesota National Guard Soldiers and Airmen, as well as the general public.

Cassie (left) and one of her Cassie's Cups teammates at the Twin Cities 3-Day.

Cassie (left) and one of her Cassie’s Cups teammates at the Twin Cities 3-Day.

The Pink Tank Project was launched earlier this month as a part of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It features videos from four women, including Cassie. “This project is to build breast cancer awareness for all women, whether they wear the uniform or not,” said Army Maj. Kristen L. Auge, Minnesota National Guard’s Deputy Director of Public Affairs. “The Pink Tank Project is a promise – a promise to yourself to conduct monthly self-breast exams and have mammograms as recommended by your health care provider.”

Pink tank

Cassie’s courageous story is a fitting wrap up to National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Please Click Here  to watch her video for the Pink Tank Project. “Why a tank? Like a tank, we are strong, but not invincible,” said Cassie.

Cassie, thank you for your service – to your country, and to every woman you inspire.

Cassie is surrounded by Cassie's Cups teammates and supporters.

Cassie is surrounded by Cassie’s Cups teammates and supporters.

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