Option A

2 thoughts on “3DAY_2018_Apparel_VictoryShirts_1200x900_A_fp

  1. I love both shirts and would be fine with either. My vote is Option A but would be fine with either. My bigger request is to use material other than 100% cotton (or what the shirts have been made with). Too heavy. Could a dri-fit type material be used? What about the shirt being more a “ladies fit” (I know you’d have to figure out what to do for men’s fit, too)?? I hardly wear my 3-Day shirt after the event due to the fabric and the fit. I do another event (Climb to Feed Kids event) and we receive an awesome shirt/pull-over made from awesome material and designed differently for women than for men, and I wear it ALL THE TIME!!! Just something to think about as I think it would be very well-received, especially since the type of shirts that we’ve received have been virtually the same since I started walking in 2004. Thanks for considering. Ann Haggerty