First-timers on the Boston 3-Day

Everyone give a warm welcome to Cyndi, Sandy and Denise!

Cyndi Whitehead, Sandy Haynes, and Denise Vaudrin during lunch on the Boston 3-Day.

Cyndi Whitehead, Sandy Haynes, and Denise Vaudrin during lunch on the Boston 3-Day.

When Cyndi Whitehouse of Springfield, Massachusetts, was diagnosed with breast cancer 30 years ago, she probably could not foresee July 26, 2013 as her first day on a Susan G. Komen 3-Day® Series with sister Sandy Haynes and good friend Denise Vaudrin! Here they are, and being with them even for a few minutes at lunch gave me the sense of their great love for each other and of life.  Cyndi asked her sister and friend to walk with her, and they gladly said, “Yes!”

How did they remember their first day? “Ouch!” They recommend a lot of training to prepare walkers for the long days.  They also had some great ideas for fundraising, as they had a local vineyard hold a wine tasting, complete with a relabeled wine “Poppy’s Girls” (named after the sisters’ father).  It sounded like a great evening with everyone happy and interested in breast cancer research and finding a cure.

"Poppies" is a relabeled wine served for fundraising for the Boston 3-Day®

“Poppy’s Girls” is a relabeled wine served for fundraising for the Boston 3-Day®

It’s wonderful to hear that Cyndi has been doing well for 30 years! Welcome to your first Komen 3-Day, Cyndi, Sandy, and Denise!

Keeping Up the Pace

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Here’s a delightful story of a mother and daughter who keep connected even though they walk at two different speeds…

Mother and daughter Susan and Krista have been walking together since 2002, in Los Angeles and San Diego. Even though they don’t have the same stride, they still manage to share the 3-Day journey together.

The 3-Day is a family tradition for this pair. Says Krista, “This is our thing. And now that I am married, we have another reason to keep walking. My mother-in-law is a breast cancer survivor. When we got married, rather than having favors for our guests, we honored our moms by donating to Susan G. Komen for the Cure in their honor. I love that we walk together, and now my husband is part of our personal 3-Day crew. We’ve really made it a family affair!” Continue reading

Remembering Bridget

The 2013 San Francisco Bay Area 3-Day was emotional to many participants for a multitude of reasons. For the 3-Day Staff, the memory of a fellow 3-Day coach – and friend – made the weekend even more poignant. One person in particular was in their hearts – Bridget Spence. Bridget had been a 3-Day coach and walker since 2006, and shared her very personal journey with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer with the world in her blog, My Big Girl Pants. Bridget passed away on April 4, 2013 and those who knew and loved her are facing their first 3-Day season without her. Coach Melissa Pinkney shared her thoughts and memories of Bridget.

When did you first meet Bridget?
“It was at the Boston 3-Day in 2011. Until that point, my only contact with Bridget was over the phone. In Boston, I remember how she came up to me like we had been friends for decades.”

What was it like to know her?
“She made you feel as though you were the most important person to her in that moment. She loved to fuss over people, make them smile, feel needed and comforted. With her, you always knew you were special.” Continue reading