The Sisterhood of Rockwall, Texas

The front and reverse of Team 'Sisterhood of the Traveling Boobs' tamer outfit

The front and reverse of Team ‘Sisterhood of the Traveling Boobs’ tamer outfit

“Well, our official name is of course, ‘The Sisterhood of the Traveling Boobs’ but we have to use a more generic team name for our community fundraisers!” exclaimed the women before the last day of the Susan G. Komen 3-Day® in Dallas/Fort Worth this weekend. For six women out of Rockwall, Texas, the Komen 3-Day this weekend has become a yearly event. Amber, their leader, has been walking for breast cancer research and awareness since 2001! Rhonda has been walking for six years for her aunt and another friend. “I love it!” she said this morning in great weather, ready to take on the final day of the 60-mile walk. “I’ve played soccer for a long time, so this isn’t too bad.” For Jennifer and Christina, however, who are first-timers on the long walk, the distance is taxing.

Four of the team start Day 3 of the Dallas-Fort Worth 3-Day event

Four of the team start Day 3 of the Dallas/Fort Worth 3-Day event

“It’s great to have everyone cheering,” said Jennifer. Christina seemed to know what was coming and was well prepared by the seasoned members of the team, who are sporting their characteristic bright greens, which seem to accent the ubiquitous pink quite well. They have enjoyed a sponsorship from a local T-shirt company who printed 75 shirts for their 5K fundraiser. In addition, their two sets of 3-Day uniforms are pretty unique. Their fundraisers have done well, too. Since 2001, they have raised over $81,000 to support breast cancer research. That’s a huge sum when many years there were only two in the team who could participate.

Team 'Sisterhood of the Traveling Boobs' enjoy the Texas sunshine on Day 3 of the Komen 3-Day in Dallas-Fort Worth

Team ‘Sisterhood of the Traveling Boobs’ enjoys the Texas sunshine on Day 3 of the 3-Day in Dallas-Fort Worth

Two other women round out the six-member team: Michele and Paula. Michele’s cousin is a breast cancer survivor, and all of the women represent a team that is fully supportive of their friends and relatives who have been affected by breast cancer. “Well, we adopted one more person on this 3-Day,” says Amber. “Clark is walking alone in honor of his grandmother and he was in a tent next to us. So we told him he could walk with us!” The team seemed very relaxed, as some walked together and others were scattered along the route. Their good attitudes and friendly personalities seemed to radiant onto the last miles of the course.

Good luck to Team ‘Sisterhood of the Traveling Boobs’ and to all the walkers and crew on the last day of the walk!

The Team joins the other 1200 walkers on Sunday morning to the start of the route on Day 3

The Team joins the other 1,200 walkers on Sunday morning to the start of the route on Day 3

The team shows off their characteristic green uniforms, highlighted with the pink of 3-Day

Top Fundraisers for Tampa Bay 3-Day

The Susan G. Komen 3-Day® opened up in great weather this morning at Sand Key Park where walkers were treated to beautiful views of Clearwater, Largo and Indian Shores. After 19.5 miles, everyone was ready for a break, and dinner and a camp show seemed to be just the thing. The top fundraisers for the Tampa Bay 3-Day were announced this evening, and some congratulations are in order for their hard work.

Top Crew Fundraiser: Sandra Alekson, $4,600; Lunch Crew

Sandra Akeson receives the award for Top Crew Fundraiser

Sandra Alekson receives the award for Top Crew Fundraiser

Top Fundraising Team: Team ‘Thanks for the Mammories,’ $103,949; Sheila Porter (Captain)

Carol Lynch accepts the award for her team as Sheila Porter was not present

Top Individual Fundraiser: Rob Imparato, $10,750; (from Team ‘HOORAY BOOBS!’)

Rob Imparato accepts the award for Top Individual Fundraiser at the 2013 Tampa Bay 3-Day

Everyone should be proud of their tremendous efforts in fundraising. Good luck out there on Day 2 in Tampa Bay!

The Virgin Walkers of Atlanta

“I was just hearing about breast cancer all the time as a stylist,” said Sandy, a hair stylist in Mobile, Alabama. She called up her best friend Elizabeth to propose walking the Susan G. Komen 3-Day® to raise money for breast cancer research.

“I said ‘no’ at first!” recalled Elizabeth, while they both rested at lunch in the suburbs north of Atlanta on Day 2. They laughed despite some aches and pains, but seemed to be enjoying the walk, having finished more than 30 miles total. “I am doing the walk for my grandmother who passed away: today would have been 94 years old!”

Elizabeth and Sandy on the last day of the Atlanta 3-Day

The two women are among a large contingent of first-time Komen 3-Day walkers here in Atlanta, Georgia. They walk a total of 60 miles over three days and have each raised over $2300 for breast cancer research and awareness. In the 3-Day community, they are often playfully dubbed “Virgin Walkers.” After a full 21 miles on Day 1, and 19.3 miles on Day 2, they are ‘newbies’ no more. Elizabeth and Sandy are lucky to have someone else to walk with, but many show up to walk the challenging course without knowing anyone. ‘Riding solo,’ these brave souls often meet other teams and individuals to walk with.

Kathryn and Gloriela get ready for Day 2 on the Atlanta 3-Day

Gloriela, originally from Panama and living now in Atlanta, met up with another first-time walker, Kathryn, on the route on Day 1. “Opening Ceremony was so inspirational,” mentioned Gloriela at breakfast at the start of Day 2 in Atlanta. “I love the organization of the whole process, and I love the motorcycles and bikers who help keep us safe. They dance, turn on music, and cheer for us.” Kathryn remembered her sweet friend who passed away from breast cancer about the same time her son was born. They felt better having met each other and found someone to walk with!

Jasmin, Brailey, Alex, and Krista stop in Piedmont Park (with unidentified photobomber-walker)

Some first-time walkers are initiated into teams that have been walking for awhile. “Oh, he’s hurting. He’s hurting real bad,” laughed Krista, Jasmin, and Brailey about their new recruit Alex. Their team, Project Perk, was founded four years ago by Jasmin who started walking to honor her grandmother. Krista then got Alex to join the team who had made the comment, “It’s just walking!” On Day 3 in Piedmont Park, he laughed, agreeing that he was hurting. The team was in good spirits, though, and looked to finish the 60-mile route strong.

Jennifer and Lorie, two first-time walkers on the Atlanta 3-Day, stopped long enough to sum up the event: “Twelve girls, eight blisters, three days, two trips to the medical tent, and one great event.” Their supportive team was decked out in pink wigs on the last day of the event and were cruising along.

Jennifer and Lorie are first-time walkers embedded in their supportive team

First-time walkers are well loved on the 3-Day, and even if they are alone when they start, they are soon swept up by a team and made one of their one. The spirit of the 3-Day is that everyone wins and that everyone does the best they can! See you at Closing Ceremony at Turner Field!