10 Reasons to Register Today – A Guest Post by Jessica C.

Pink is a beautiful color. It is a color that brings people together every October in honor of breast cancer awareness month. Wearing pink, however, is not enough. Wearing pink may raise awareness, but it will not cure breast cancer. It will not save lives.

Last month I walked my second Susan G. Komen Philadelphia 3-Day. Participating, at least for me, was not an act of bravery. Walking was an opportunity, a way for me to do something beyond wearing pink.

If you have ever considered being a part of the Susan G. Komen 3-Day®, you too can be a part of something huge. Here are my 10 reasons to go for it and sign up:

The camaraderie. There is a sense of friendship and oneness amongst the walkers that is truly something you do not sense until you experience it for yourself. It is there from the Opening Ceremony to the closing moments.

The personal fulfillment. Walking 60 miles in three days is no easy feat. Last year during my first Komen 3-Day, I got to mark it off my bucket list. This year I came back to get that incredible feeling of personal accomplishment once again.

The exercise. You know those people who set their fitness trackers and set out to reach 10,000 steps in a day? They’ve got nothing on you! Between the training walks to the actual event, you will blow that number out of the water before lunchtime.

To meet long lost relatives. Well, sort of. Last year, early on the first day my walking partner and I began talking with other walkers along the route, as we did often during the event. One woman asked us if it was our first time participating, and we responded that indeed it was our first. She looked at us, smiled and said, “Welcome to the family.” Now I know just what she meant.

The great company. You will meet some of the most fantastic people, people who you would not likely have met otherwise. Learning their stories and reasons for being in attendance was like emotionally uplifting icing on the cake.

The physical challenge. Walking 60+ miles in 3 days is no easy task. Especially when you add on hills, inclement weather, and a few nagging blisters. Yet everyone is celebrated, no matter when they walk across the finish line.

The crew. What makes these three days so special, so life-changing, is not just the walkers. The crew is equally passionate and hardworking. The 3-Day would be nothing without them.

The fun. From the zany t-shirts and outfits on some of the walkers to the pure silliness of the crew, there is a lot of fun to be had at the 3-Day. When it began to pour mid-way through our second day, Trina and I just laughed and laughed about the ridiculousness of walking (or more like sloshing through) 11 more miles in the pouring rain.

The sense of community. The support of the local communities through which we walked is such a huge motivator for getting through the day. The people who stand outside their homes, schools, and businesses to cheer on the walkers make the trek all the more worthwhile.

The lifelong memories. Participating in the 3-Day gave me a deeper connection to what is really important. In addition to the fun that we had, and the physical challenge too, we never ever forgot that our purpose was to honor the lost, applaud the survivors, and support those who are still fighting the good fight.

October is over, but the fight against breast cancer continues. Are YOU ready to join us?

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Jessica Cohen is a writer of social good, a health enthusiast, and a greener living advocate. Her website, EatSleepBe.com, a guide for being kinder to yourself, to others, and to the planet. Jessica also works as a web content creator and strategic social-media consultant.

2015 Dallas/Fort Worth 3-Day Wrap-up

Day 1 of the Susan G. Komen Dallas/Fort Worth 3-Day began with a beautiful sunrise over Opening Ceremony at the Collin Creek Mall in Plano. The amazing Dr. Sheri welcomed the Dallas/Fort Worth 3-Day family, and was joined on stage by Dallas/Fort Worth local events coach Gayla, as well as Chrissy Mathews from Susan G. Komen®, who was not only the 3-Day’s co-host this weekend, but also participated as a first-time walker.IMG_4561 IMG_4619 IMG_4576

Walkers set out through Plano, and within a few miles, passed an elementary school where literally hundreds of students were out to cheer them on (what a way to start the morning!), and arrived at pit stop 1.IMG_4762 IMG_4872 Soon, the route headed south into Richardson and pit stop 2, where the theme was “Wish for the Cure”, complete with magic lamps and “flying” carpets.IMG_5188 Even early in the day, it was clear that the Dallas/Fort Worth community would be a huge part of the 3-Day weekend; walkers rarely went more than a few blocks without hitting a private cheering station, school, or even just neighbors outside their houses cheering them on.IMG_5134 IMG_5093 IMG_5465 DFW is “Komen Kountry,” and some of the most amazing cheering stations walkers saw all weekend were the ones put on by Susan G. Komen; they literally rolled out the pink carpet and had special goodies for walkers on each of the three days.image1

Walkers enjoyed lunch at Valley View Park, and yes, met up with another public cheering station just on the other side. The second half of Day 1’s route took walkers through some very pretty spots, over bridges and through woods. At Churchill Park, many walkers stopped to snap pics with all the metal figures that populate the park. Soon, it was through pit stop 4 and into camp at Brookhaven College.

At Friday night’s camp show, we were joined once again by Dr. Sheri and Chrissy, who was quick to commiserate with walkers after completing the 20-mile day herself too.IMG_5547 We were moved by a speech from Sara, a young breast cancer survivor, and we celebrated the top fundraisers, top training walk leader and Milestone Award winner.

Day 2’s route was full of new twists and turns with an almost entirely new route from past years. Cloudy skies soon opened up with some morning rain for the walkers to enjoy as they weaved through the neighborhoods of Farmers Branch.IMG_5793 Even with the rain, there were cheering stations a’plenty on Beltline Road, leading into a pit stop in Addison Circle.IMG_5961 Walkers faced a long stretch between pit stop 2 and lunch, but a huge public cheering station just before lunch to push walkers that last little way. Lots of supporters from far away locales (New Jersey, Boston) flew here to be with their walkers. By the time most walkers reached lunch at Campbell Green Recreation Center, the rain had stopped and walkers enjoyed the great park with a wide trail.IMG_5992 A “paw-some” cheering station set up by Lone Star Puppy Raisers greeted walkers after lunch with almost a dozen four-legged friends. From there, the route went through Far North Dallas, then wrapped up down Vitruvian Way, where (not surprisingly) people continued cheering walkers in all the way back into camp.IMG_6359

Day 2’s camp show was certainly emotional. For starters, Chrissy was feeling the burn from completing the 20+ miles of Day 2.IMG_6510 Beyond that, we heard another powerful speech from Robin, a 10-year walker and 10-year survivor, and from Miguel Perez, the Susan G. Komen VP of Affiliate Network. We also honored Dallas/Fort Worth’s Local Impact Award winner and heard moving messages from the DFW Youth Corps.

Sunday started with a short bus ride from camp, where walkers were dropped off at Walnut Hill Recreation Center to begin Day 3’s route. They got in a few good miles through some scenic residential Dallas neighborhoods before hitting pit 1.IMG_6871 IMG_6906 From there, walkers trekked through beautiful Park Cities, finding yet another public cheer station in Curtis Park, then walked around Goar Park. Up the route, walkers spent time on Lakeside Drive next to Exall Lake, a great photo op. Pit 2 was at Cole Park, then walkers circled around Turtle Creek before arriving at Reverchon Park for a gorgeous and shady lunch spot.IMG_7230 From there, it was up to the Katy Trail and into the home stretch past American Airlines HQ and Victory Park, the West End Marketplace and another big cheering station. The route passed Dealey Plaza (with the Book Depository and the “grassy knoll”), an important location in American history. Numerous iconic photo stops dotted the last five miles of the route: the big red courthouse, red Mobil Pegasus statue, and the bronze cattle drive statues leading up to city Hall and pit stop 3.IMG_7300 Main Street Garden Park (the site of last year’s Day 3 lunch stop), and Deep Ellum were the last couple of sights before walkers were routed into Fair Park and the finish line.

The sun dipped in the sky as walkers marched into Closing Ceremony. Dr. Sheri, coach Gayla, and Chrissy were on stage again to thank the Dallas/Fort Worth 3-Day’s sponsors and supporters, and to congratulate DFW’s 1,100 walkers and 325 crew members on their amazing 60-mile journey and the $2.8 million that they raised.IMG_7505 IMG_7589 IMG_7738

The 3-Day event team and our friends at Susan G. Komen can’t say thank you enough to every single person who makes this event what it is. This event, and the kind and passionate little world we create on it, would not be possible without each of you: your spirit, energy and passion. We look forward to welcoming many of you back in Dallas/Fort Worth next year and carrying each of you in our hearts every day until then. IMG_7669

Crewing for a Cure – A 3-Day guest post by Meghan of JaMonkey.com

They’re the first people you see in the morning on the Susan G. Komen 3-Day®. They’re the ones cheering you on when you get sore. They take your plate with a smile, so you don’t have to walk to the trash. They are the crew members who volunteered their time to help support your 60-mile journey.

I got a chance to volunteer and walk during the Susan G. Komen Atlanta 3-Day. When I was on the event, I took the time to ask lots of questions to the crew members around me and I was moved by what I found out. They are past walkers, husbands, friends, family, kids, and even survivors. They all said the same thing to me. “We’ve all been touched in some way by breast cancer.”

Meet the group that is cheering you on when all you want to do is stop. They are handing out stickers and holding signs, jumping up and down with pom-poms yelling “You’re doing so great, you’re almost there!” I asked a lovely woman from Florida why she wanted to be a part of the 3-Day crew, and she explained to me that she is a survivor. She walked during her treatment and since then felt that it was her duty to give back by helping others. She has plans of walking again but until that day, she will serve on the crew. The same sweet woman hugged me before my walk and gave me great words of encouragement came and found me at the end of the day too to see how it went. I felt like I had my own personal cheerleader in the crowd. It was an amazing feeling.

3-Day Crew

Meet the route safety team. They decorate their bikes and play fun music along the route and block off intersections to make sure you’re safe. I asked a member of the safety team why she volunteered to help out. She too was a survivor who has walked in the past. She remembered during her walk how much she enjoyed seeing the route safety team and their fun decorated bikes that she said she wanted to do that one day as well.

Youth Corps

Let the Youth Corps brighten your day. This is a group of kids who applied for the role of cheering you on and lifting your spirits. The kids told me all about interviewing multiple times to be a part of the group. The day that I walked I found the Youth Corps at each of the pit stops and lunch. They were picking up trash, filling up water bottles, and getting snacks for walkers. My favorite thing that the Youth Corps did were the fun cheers and songs. These kids had such great energy and spirit, as a walker, I really appreciated them.

It’s the little things like someone offering to take your picture in front of the mile marker sign or handing your dinner plate over with a big smile. They know the struggle on different levels, but they are all there together for one reason, a cure. There were so many crew members who were survivors and past walkers that I was taken aback by the passion they had for helping those walking. Walking is tough, it’s hard on the body. But not as hard as cancer and treatment. I get it now. It’s more than a walk. You become a part of a community that all have one thing in common. They want to do something big to end breast cancer forever.

Read more about the 3-Day crew and how you can sign up at The3Day.org/Crew. Also, visit Meghan’s blog at JaMonkey.com!