Catching Up With the Seattle 3-Day Coaches

Before last year’s Susan G. Komen 3-Day® Series, we introduced the local coaches from each Komen 3-Day. These are the staff members who support the walkers and crew members all year round, answering phone calls and emails, hosting community events, assigning crew captains and juggling dozens of other tasks to make sure that the 3-Day® participants make it to their events excited and well prepared.

Since we gave you the coaches’ full profiles last year, we’ll delight you with just a fun update before each event this year. We’ve already caught up with the Michigan and Twin Cities coaches, and the Seattle 3-Day coaches are in the spotlight this week (you can read last year’s “Meet the Seattle Coaches” here)!

What was your favorite memory from the 2014 Seattle 3-Day?

Paula (Seattle Participant Coach) – I was heartbroken when a back injury kept me from going to the Seattle 3-Day in 2014. As I followed every Facebook post and had my little pity party that weekend, imagine my surprise when a photo of me appeared – it was “Flat Paula,” a picture of my face on a wooden handle – being a part of the entire 3-Day weekend. I was so touched that my co-workers had made sure that I was there, and loved all of the photos of Flat Me with walkers, crew and staff!

Aubrey and Jon with "Flat Paula"

Aubrey and Jon with “Flat Paula”

Aubrey (Seattle Local Events Coach) – Getting to hug people as they crossed the finish line is something I will never forget. Every time I think about it I get choked up. Seeing all those faces showing their pride in themselves and their loved ones, and knowing that they had just achieved greatness is truly an honorable energy to be around. From the people who have crossed the finish line for the umpteenth time, I am inspired by their devotion. For the first-time walker who wasn’t sure if she could do it when she first signed up, I am proud to see her shining so brightly as she finishes, victorious. To be in this position, to get to work with all of these wonderful participants, is truly a gift that I could not put a value on, and that very few will completely understand.11873396_10206315104630549_4253895415114018698_n

Jon (Seattle Crew & Volunteer Coordinator) – The part that stands out most in my mind was walking into the Closing Ceremony arena, leading the entire Seattle 3-Day crew to their positions. It had been a long weekend but everyone was happy to be taking their final steps towards a wonderful ending. There were smiles galore and the cheers that went up when the walkers came by–unforgettable.Dancing Me

Fun facts about the Seattle 3-Day Coaches – Can you guess which fun fact is true about which coach? (There are 3 facts about each coach; answers will be at the end of the Philadelphia 3-Day coaches’ check-in later in September!)

  1. I have lived in 8 states, including each of America’s “corner” states (Washington, California, Maine, and Florida).
  2. I’ve never broken a bone in my body.
  3. I won a dance contest at Howl at the Moon in Orlando against eight far inferior competitors.
  4. I am married to “Santa.” My hubby dons his red suit one day each every year to bring joy (and donated toys) to about 600 needy kids in our community.
  5. I’ve been a runner my whole life and this year I ran my first 50k race (that’s 31 miles)!
  6. I am a California native and have experienced the “thrill” (aka terror!) of living near the epicenter of two BIG earthquakes!
  7. In a recent feat of endurance, in May I drove from Seattle to Cleveland and back in 6 days.
  8. In my experience, seeing Jared Leto from 5 feet away is even better than cupcakes, tacos, and fuzzy socks (which are all things I also love)!
  9. “Here today, gone to Maui!” My favorite vacation spot is calling my name, and I am looking forward to spending two weeks in paradise shortly after the Seattle 3-Day.


Looking for the answers from the Twin Cities Coaches’ Fun Facts post? Here they are!

Amy; 2) Eileen; 3) Stephanie; 4) Stephanie; 5) Eileen; 6) Amy; 7) Stephanie; 8) Eileen; 9) Amy

Congratulations to 2015 Twin Cities 3-Day Local Impact Award Winner: Jessica S.

For the 2015 Susan G. Komen 3-Day® season, we’re pleased to be featuring a new recognition on each Komen 3-Day event: the Local Impact Award. This award is being given to walkers or crew members who have been instrumental in strengthening the 3-Day® in their communities throughout the year. Local Impact Award honorees are participants who go above and beyond with things like leading training walks, attending local events, supporting the local 3-Day staff year-round at meet-ups and workshops, and in general, making a difference in their 3-Day community by building lasting relationships and showing commitment to the 3-Day in all they do.

We’re pleased to share the Twin Cities 3-Day Local Impact award winner: Jessica Stockamp.

Jessica is walking in the Twin Cities 3-Day for the ninth year in a row and is returning as the captain of Team Jill, named after her dear friend who passed away from breast cancer in 2006, one day after her 31st birthday. Jessica saw a television commercial for the Twin Cities 3-Day shortly after Jill’s death, and recalls, “I felt so helpless in watching her lose her battle in the end and I figured it was the least I could do to help another person never have to say good-bye like I did. I called my friend, Darcy and she signed up to walk with me; she never even hesitated. All these years later the team has grown and changed and no one has ever regretted saying yes to walking, crewing or stalking. I have to say I am surrounded by some awesome, inspiring and loving people. I am truly blessed!”

Team Jill, with Jessica holding the N

Team Jill, with Jessica holding the N

The impact Jessica has had in the Twin Cities 3-Day community is far-reaching. Over the last nine years, Jessica has recruited dozens of Team Jill team members (as a team they have raised more than $157,000, including more than $28,000 credited to Jessica alone). She shared, “I don’t know if you should call it recruiting or just talking about my dedication and passion for this…. I’ve had people call me over the years to find out about the 3-Day. I’ll often spend over an hour telling them about my experience and then they sign up! I remember the first year not knowing what it meant to be a team since there were only two of us and then some years having a team of 25 and trying to make a connection with each of them because I wanted them to take away all the positive feelings I have.”

Jessica is also a visible 3-Day advocate around town. At a team fundraising event in the community, a recently-diagnosed woman approached Jessica and thanked her for all of her years of 3-Day participation. “It’s always hard to take the compliment because I feel like I am just walking. They have the hard job of fighting!”

On the 2015 Twin Cities 3-Day, Jessica’s influence touched especially close to home. “This year I have my twin daughters participating with me in the Young Women Walking program. They have watched me walk for eight years and it’s pretty exciting to see that they are able to join me on my 9th year walking.”TC Local Impact Jessica Stockamp and daughters

Jessica calls the 3-Day inspiring, emotional and challenging, and advises her fellow walkers to always bring with them “Good socks and shoes, and a sense of humor. Talking makes the time go by fast, and so does singing—I love to sing! Not sure if my team likes my songs but you can throw out any word and I can sing you a song with that word in it.”

But for all the laughter and songs, the real power behind Jessica’s 3-Day journey always comes back to Jill. “She told us when she was dying that we should never worry about missing her because she would always be with us. She said when we found a dime to think of her and we would know she was watching over us. Team Jill has had many dime sightings and we have shared that story for the past 9 years with other walkers along the route. Finding the dimes is so comforting because watching her suffer was one of the hardest things to see.”

Jessica leaves us with these final thoughts: “I have so much support from my friends and family and I look forward to the 3-Day weekend with them, having one goal in mind­­–finding a cure! We all do things in our everyday lives that we hope matters; this is what I believe I can do to make a difference.”

Thank you, Jessica, for your passionate dedication to the 3-Day and your unwavering commitment to putting an end to breast cancer. We’re proud to have you as part of our family.

Congratulations to the 2015 Twin Cities 3-Day Top Fundraisers

After a beautiful first day of the 2015 Susan G. Komen Twin Cities 3-Day last Friday, walkers and crew members gathered in the dining tent as Chrissy Mathews from Susan G. Komen® and our friends from Bank of America honored the Twin Cities 3-Day’s top fundraisers. Join us in congratulating these extraordinary participants!

Top Individual FundraiserTC Top Indiv FR Patricia
Patricia M. walked in her seventh 3-Day this year in the Twin Cities, and she raised a remarkable $15,260 this year. This is the second year in a row that Patricia has held the top individual fundraiser honor, having raised a lifetime total of $86,614 for the 3-Day. To help her celebrate all she has achieved with the Twin Cities 3-Day this year, Patricia’s son flew in from Alaska to support her as a walker stalker along the route.

Top Crew FundraiserTC Top Crew FR Sharon

The top crew fundraiser in the Twin Cities was Sharon G., who raised $3,772 this year. She has participated in the 3-Day five times as a walker, and 2015 marks her third year being on the crew. This year, she is part of the sweep team. In her eight years with the 3-Day, Sharon has raised a remarkable $33,175. Sharon’s dedicated work ethic is apparent not just on the 3-Day, but in her everyday life too: she started working at her job the day after she got out of business school, and although her company has gone through three owners and three building moves, she is still there 39 years later.

Top Fundraising TeamTC Top Team FR Mickey's Hope

The top fundraising team, Mickey’s Hope, “shamrocked” the Twin Cities 3-Day for the seventh year as a team, and has raised $34,907 this year alone. In their history as a team, Mickey’s Hope’s lifetime fundraising total is just shy of $255,000. Team Captain Patrick O’Connor was on hand to accept the top fundraising recognition on behalf of his sixteen teen members.


Thank you to these fabulous fundraisers and all of the Twin Cities 3-Day walkers and crew members. Together, you raised an incredible $1.6 million, and brought us all closer to our promise of ending breast cancer forever.