A Mother/Daughter Weekend – 3-Day Style

Joellyn W. experienced her first 3-Day as a walker in 2009, after she’d already worked for the 3-Day coaching staff for 5 years. It was a meaningful experience for her, in many ways.

Me and Dr. W

Joellyn and her mom share their 3-Day journey

“I was diagnosed with breast cancer a year earlier, had surgery, completed my treatment and was ready to do something to celebrate my surviving and thriving, so I decided to walk in the 3-Day. My mom also registered for the 3-Day Medical Crew, and we experienced our first 3-Day journey together. It was the best of the best.” Continue reading

Finding Motivation in Inspiration

As the daughter of a 13-year breast cancer survivor, cancer has hit very close to home for Molly Fast. She has dedicated herself to the cause, both as a 3-Day participant and as Associate Director of the 3-Day’s National Sales and Service team, where she and her team are committed to providing 3-Day participants with above and beyond customer service. 

I asked Molly what keeps her walking, even when her body tells her to quit:

Molly was all smiles as she set out on her first 3-Day in San Francisco. It took more than smiles to keep her going.

Molly was all smiles as she set out on her first 3-Day in San Francisco. It took more than smiles to keep her going.

All long-distance walkers know what it feels like when they “hit a wall”. During my very first 3-Day, I was silently praying for a sweep van to come and whisk me away. It was after lunch. I was heading up a hill. The six blisters I had – three on each foot – were putting a huge damper on my spirits. Each step was agonizing. Continue reading

3-Day Mythbusters

Over the years, our coaches have heard some pretty interesting myths involving the Susan G. Komen 3-Day®. I asked them to share some of these common  misconceptions so we can debunk them!

  • Myth 1: You have to walk every mile of the 3-Day.  The suggested training schedule will prepare you for all 60 miles, but the number of miles you walk is completely up to you. If blisters, aches or pains become an issue, hop on one of our sweep vans for a ride to the next pit stop, and from there you can take a Lunch & Camp Shuttle if you’re done for the day. Your 3-Day journey will be unforgettable whether you walk 60 feet or 60 miles.
3 day breast cancer sweep van susan g komen

Sweeping you off your feet. TaTa Towing Crew team at the Dallas/Fort Worth 3-Day pick up walkers who need a lift.

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